Jefferson county

There are seven houses on the river on the North side of the farm. Each has a spectacular view of the Ohio River and sits up on a ridge which has not had water rise to the houses.  They are accessed from Rose Island from a private paved driveway, which leads to gravel drives for each of the houses. These are all located in Jefferson County.

  • 7500 Rose Island Rd - “The Prospect Store Apartments”
  • 7718 Rose Island Rd - "Stone Place Stables"
  • 7720 Rose Island Rd - “The Stilt House”
  • 7801 Rose Island Rd - “Henry’s Ark”
  • 8000 Rose Island Rd
  • 8002 Rose Island Rd
  • 8004 Rose Island Rd
  • 8006 Rose Island Rd
  • 8008 Rose Island Rd - “Log House”
  • 8010 Rose Island Rd
  • 8016 Rose Island Rd


oldham county

The Oldham County residences consist of a mix of single family homes some dating back to the early 1900’s. One of the great treasures on the Wallace Farm is La Minga, a farming collective developed and coordinated by a diverse group of small farmers for sustainable farming and cooperative farm use. 

  • The White House
  • The Cabin
  • Henry’s Cabin
  • The Boathouse
  • Contemporary
  • The Studio
  • Helen’s House
  • 13125 US-42 - “La Minga House”
  • 13317 US-42 - “The Schoolhouse”
  • 33.7 Unencumbered Oldham County acres

the houses of Moncada Farms

Moncada Farms is comprised of 659.8* acres of pasture, river frontage, and wooded hills straddling Jefferson and Oldham Counties. There are 204.2 acres located in Oldham County and 455.6 acres located in Jefferson County.

There are currently 21 residences on Moncada Farms. They range in size from 1000 square feet to over 4000 square feet. More information on each residence can be found below. They are broken up according to the County they were built in.


houses of Moncada Farms

The farm has been in the Wallace family for 106 years. The original piece was purchased in 1911, then contiguous acreage and structures were acquired through the years in both Jefferson and  Oldham Counties.

Moncada Farms