Moncada Farms

The farm boasts spectacular river views, remarkable homes and structures, tree lined lanes, wooded hills, ponds and a creek, in addition to an extraordinary and iconic history. This is an incomparable piece of property 20 minutes from Downtown Louisville and in the center of Prospect. 

The houses of moncada farms

The farm has 21 rentable houses. Six of these houses sit up on a bluff with spectacular views of the Ohio River. Seven others have stunning river views and sit adjacent to the Ohio. 


Stone Place stables

The property has an impressive working equine facility. Entering from a tree lined drive, you are greeted by horses in the fields and a lovely cross country course.  The boarding operation on the property houses 60+ horses and has six barns, an indoor arena, two sand riding arenas, a lounge, office and countless amenities.



Thirty acres of this iconic farm fulfills the dream of Henry Wallace to share his passion for animals at “Henry’s Ark”.  It is open to the public and provides an educational and enjoyable opportunity for the community.

* According to Jefferson and Oldham County tax records.
** A conservation easement is a restriction placed on a piece of property to protect its associated resources. 
The easement is either voluntarily donated or sold by the landowner and constitutes a legally binding agreement that limits certain types of uses or prevents development from taking place on the land in perpetuity while the land remains in private hands. From The Nature Conservancy website


Twenty acres of the farm located in Oldham County is presently the home of La Minga, a unique and picturesque organic community farm. 

The Wallace farm currently leases 100 acres in Oldham County for soybeans and hay is grown which is used to feed the boarded horses at Stone Place Stables. 



The farm has a deep well which is rare in these times. It supplies the farm with all of its water needs. There are two houses connected to Louisville City Water. The Wallace family is currently pursuing an optional Louisville Water connection for the remainder of the farm. The pump house houses the deep well and pump and distributes water to the farm.  This supplies all of the houses and the “La Minga” gardens on the Oldham County side. The water is tested daily, with monthly and semiannual tests through the KY Division of Water in Frankfort. It is an entirely unique and unparalleled system supplying clean water to the community that makes up Moncada Farms.

Moncada Farms, a stunning and unique property.

Home to the Wallace family for four generations, is comprised of 659.8* acres of pasture, river frontage, and wooded hills straddling Jefferson and Oldham Counties. Moncada Farms boasts a breathtaking view of the Ohio River and the city of Louisville. 

In 2000, Henry F. Wallace placed the farm in a conservation easement** to protect this distinctive property. River Fields holds the easement, which preserves the land as one, indivisible tract, and it will pass to future owners. However, 33.7 acres are unencumbered and thus reside outside the easement and can be developed.

About Moncada Farms